About Judith

I am a Registered Social Worker in B.C. I have been a practicing social worker in Ontario and BC for over twenty years. I have had the privilege and honour of helping hundreds of individuals heal from anxiety and depression.

Because of my own experience, I am passionate about and dedicated to helping women find peace and independence from the debilitating effects of anxiety and depression.

Personal Story

My purpose in writing this story is to give those reading it HOPE. Hope that life can be better. Hope that life can be a joy rather than a chore. Hope that change is possible at any age, anytime.

My journey with panic attacks started at an early age and continued into adulthood. I was a shy child and teenager who found school difficult. Mornings were particularly hard as I tried to do my schoolwork while simultaneously fighting the effects of panic attacks. At the end of most days, I was exhausted.

I was often referred to as “high-strung” and was overly sensitive and emotional. Interacting with people was difficult as I rarely knew when a panic attack would strike. (Panic attacks often strike “out of the blue” without rhyme or reason.) I felt overwhelmed, lonely and discouraged. Often, I worried about what other people thought of me or if they liked me.

Ordinary tasks such as getting my hair cut, shopping for groceries, trying on clothes were close to impossible. I worried that I would have an attack and that people would think me strange and not help me.

Worrying about everything and everyone, trying to act happy as well as expecting a catastrophe around every corner took a heavy toll on my physical energy. Fatigue set in during my late teens.

Anxiety and depression were like black clouds that obscured my “authentic” self and natural abilities and talents.

As a last resort, I took medication. Medication took the edge off my anxiety and depression and allowed me to re-learn many ordinary tasks and expand my horizons. However, when I was overly stressed, which was often, I found myself back in counselling. I wanted to find a therapeutic modality that would help me through hard times on my own rather than relying on constant counselling.

Several years ago, I worked with therapists who helped me look at my inner life (expectations, beliefs, emotions, choices and family patterns). Instead of trying to fix individual defects or situations, I learned how to view myself through a wholistic lens and listen to and act on my own inner wisdom.

And life changed for the better. Panic attacks are a thing of the past, and I know what to do to bypass episodes of depression.

Observing my clients move towards positive growth, I have observed that

are essential keys to successfully find relief from anxiety and depression.

My recreational activities…choir, knitting for charity, swimming, painting, gardening, attending concerts and the theatre and volunteer work go a long way in keeping my anxiety and depression in check.

If you are experiencing the debilitating effects of anxiety and depression, please seek help now! Anxiety and depression worsen over time making recovery longer. There is no need to suffer any more…

Professional Qualifications and Affiliations

I have both the experience and professional credentials to help you find relief and peace from anxiety and depression.

When you are ready to start therapy, please contact me at 604-233-0845 for a free 20 minute consultation.


Judith is based in Richmond, BC and offers online or telephone therapy to women in Vancouver, Greater Vancouver, Delta, Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island.